Land Domain projects which we have supported:

LAND129 Ph3: Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (TUAS)

LAND129 Ph4b: Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS)

LAND1771 T2: Overhead Imagery System

LC4ModSPO:  Land Command, Control, Communications & Computing Systems Modernisation Systems Program Office

LAND200 Ph3:  Battlefield Command Systems

Maritime Domain projects which we have supported:

SEA1442 Ph4: Maritime Communications Modernisation “Project Hermes”

SEA1442 Ph5:  Maritime Communications Modernisation

SEA9100 Ph1: Improved Embarked Logistics Support Helicopter

SEA129 Ph5:  Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

SEA5000:  Hunter Class Frigate “Hunter Project”

CN52A:  Maritime Advanced SATCOM Terrestrial Infrastructure System (MASTIS) Sustainment

MCPSPO:  Maritime Cross Platform Systems Program Office

MSD:  Maritime Systems Division

SEA1180 Ph1:  Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV)

Air Domain projects which we have supported:

AIR5428 Ph2: Air Crew Training Capability Assurance Program (ATCAP)

AIR5428 Ph3:  Future Air Mission Training System (F-AMTS)

AIR555 Ph1:  Airborne Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Electronic Warfare Capability Facilities Works Project

AWSPO:  Air Warfare Systems Program Office

AIR6015: Loyal Wingman

AIR6007: In-Flight Thrust Determination for Aircraft with Thrust Vectoring

Joint Domain projects which we have supported:

JP9111: Joint Command and Control (JC2)

GWEO:  Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance Enterprise

JP9321 T3:  Joint Electronic Warfare Self Protection (JEWsP)

JP9347 Ph1:  Multi-Tactical Data Link Network (MTN)

JP9101:  Defence High Frequency Communication System (DHFCS)

JP9102:  SATCOM Program

JC2SPO:  Commercial Management, Facilities and advisory services

CIOG projects which we have supported:

JP2047 Ph3:  Defence Terrestrial Communications Network Facilities and Infrastructure Project

Centralised Processing Project: Consolidation of Data Centres and centralisation of applications and compute.

JP2080 Ph2B.1:  Personnel Systems Modernisation Project

Next Generation Desktop (NGD) Project: Transformation of the EUC environment to provide a sustainable, resilient, stable, secure and standardised environment.

JP9711-1:  Core Simulation Capability (CSimC) Australia

ERP Modernisation Project:  Implementation of SAP R/4 HANA cloud platform

Platform Services:  Commercial contract management and advisory services

CLDB: Corporate and Logistics Delivery Branch

Other projects which we have supported:

CASG JARS:  Single Joint Contract Joint Air Rescue Service

CASG PMB:  Program policy development for the Performance Management Branch

CASG PMB:  Provision of project controls support for CASG

CASG Engineering & Technical:  Program policy development

CASG NA3PO:  Navy, Army, Aviation, Acquisition Program Office

CASG EPSS:  Emerging Projects Support Services

CASG DSF:  Decision Support Function

Associate Secretary Group:  Enterprise Transformation and Governance Division

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